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Camps Remaining: 72   Total Players: 2538

New Survivor? Quick get in!
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The Zombies are Coming!

Zombies RPG is a MMO Survival, Defense Game! This game was not designed to be easy... the walking dead are literally coming at you everyday and the horde sizes only get bigger as the Days go on until every last player is DEAD!

You'll still be able to play but won't be able to compete with the remaining survivors.

Quick! Get in here before you get yourself killed and prepare the next zombie attack!

SurvivorLongest Survived
1. Rheynez lvl.4794 Days
2. Ono lvl.4799 Days
3. Anubis lvl.46114 Days
4. NeoKnight lvl.42105 Days
5. Sara lvl.4186 Days
6. CrazySquirrel lvl.4085 Days
7. Joharassit lvl.3859 Days
8. Mcpipe lvl.3867 Days
9. Dark lvl.3774 Days
10.kat lvl.378 Days